Ballroom Dance Terms
Terms Definitions
& or "and" And count=1/2 beat of music
B fl Ball-flat footwork (as in, fwd or side step in a latin dance)
B H Ball-heel footwork (as in, a back step in a latin dance)
bk Backward movement
Closed Position Partners facing each other, man's arms around the lady
fwd Forward movement
H Heel lead footwork-no body rise, (as in, fwd step in ballroom dance)
HT Heel-toe footwork-with body rise, (as in, fwd step in ballroom dance)
IEF Inside edge of foot
LF Left foot
Q Quick count=1 beat of music
RF Right foot
Rise and Fall General Desrciption (as in Waltz):
Step 1-Commence rise at end of "one".
Step 2-Contiue to rise through "two". Step 3-Up at beginning of "three", lower by end of "three".
S Slow count=2 beats of music
Sway An inclination (sideway) of the body through upward swinging of the hips, produced by feet & legs
T Toe footwork - an elevated position over the toe.
TH Toe-heel footwork - transfer weight through toe to heel (back steps; or lowering from an elevated position, as in Rise and Fall)
THT Toe-heel-toe footwork (used in pivots; or back steps when swinging upward off the foot)
WF Whole foot (flat)